Important COVID-19 Information

In March of this year, our world was turned upside down by the coronavirus (COVID-19). This pandemic closed schools and businesses, and forced all of us to change most every aspect of life. Shopping, dining, fitness, and recreation have all been impacted by this.

Naturally, COVID-19 force us to change the way we do martial arts training at Sustaire's ATA. The same week that schools here in Collin County closed down, we also temporarily closed our doors to students, and pivoted to an online-only model.

In-Person Training Procedures

Since then, both our Allen and McKinney schools have opened back up for in-person learning, with both capacity limitations and strict health and safety guidelines in place. To make our martial arts environment as safe as possible, we have implemented the following safeguards:

  • We have discontinued the contact portions of our training including sparring and combat sparring. We will still practice those techniques, but will practice on the upright bags and the sparring dummies.

  • Everyone entering the building will be temperature checked to ensure they are free of fever. We will have a staff member at the front door, individually checking each student and spectator as they enter. If anyone has a high temperature reading, they will not be permitted inside the building.

  • Once inside the building, each student and spectator will be provided with hand sanitizer.

  • We practice social distancing during class by spreading out students during bow-in, physical training, and forms.

  • The training surfaces (floor areas, bags, etc.) we use are wiped down between each class, and periodically during classes.

  • The entire school is fully cleaned at the end of each day. This includes the entire competition floor, every upright bag and dummy, restrooms, and common surfaces.

  • We will limit the number of students and spectators in each class to ensure adequate room for social distancing.

  • Because students are wearing masks, we will be offered frequent "air and water breaks". A designated staff member will let students outside for each break, during which they may remove their masks and catch their breath, get a drink of water, etc. Students must be masked before re-entering, and will be given hand sanitizer again on the way back in.

For students and spectators who choose to join us for in-person learning, we ask that you remember and abide by the following guidelines:

  • Everyone who enters the building - including instructors, students, and spectators - must wear a mask the entire time they are in the building. This is a mandatory precaution to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our facility. If you happen to forget your mask, we do have a limited number of masks available at the front desk.

  • During class, there is a limit of one spectator per student.

  • For belt testing only, two spectators will be allowed for each student.

  • You don't need to pull your attendance card. For now, we'll be taking manual attendance.

Online Training Procedures


While we've gone to great lengths to ensure the in-person training experience is as safe as it can be, we understand that some students or parents will likely prefer to remain socially distanced for now. To accommodate everyone's training needs, we now offer online training in addition to the in-person classes.

Online training is conducted through our private Facebook Group, via Facebook Live videos. Each of our classes is posted live, and students can participate by watching the videos in their entirety and following along with each of the exercises and activities as directed by the instructor of that class. The videos will remain available for a week or so after the class, so you can participate in a class later if needed.


There will be separate online classes for the Allen and McKinney schools, and you should join the online class for the school where you normally attend. On occasion, if we have low attendance at one of the in-person classes, we may combine classes for Allen and McKinney, in which case we will post a message in that Facebook group pointing the student to the combined class for that time slot.

When you attend an online class, make sure you add a comment on the Facebook class that you are attending the class. This is how we take attendance in these online classes. Parents, if you are posting for your child(ren), make sure and provide their name(s) so we can log their attendance.

For students in the online classes, we encourage you to post to the Facebook group a video of you doing exercises, forms, and other activities. This is especially useful for students who are working toward a new belt and need to earn stripes: they can post videos and request that an instructor review them for stripe qualification.

Remember when you're in online class, you should conduct yourselves as if you are in an in-person class. Dress appropriately (kick pants, school t-shirt, and belt tied properly), bow in and out for the class, and minimize the non-class distractions. For younger students, we ask that parents help to enforce this "when you're in class, be in class" rule.

One final note regarding the online learning: You don't have to pick either in-person or online classes. If you normally attend in-person training, you can still participate in video classes if you can't make it to your school on a given day. This new COVID-19 world we find ourselves living in is challenging, so we aim to be accommodating to ensure your martial arts training can continue.

As always, thanks for your patience during this "new normal". If you have questions about these changes, just let us know.